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Prologis Park Blonie II is an advantageously located modern distribution centrecurrently comprising four buildings totalling 112,000 square meters of warehouse space. At full build...

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Appetite for investment land in Poland

In 2016, interest in residential land remained high. Furthermore, land plots for retail parks, office buildings and hotels were also popular. Due to changes in the law, activity in the agricultural land sector has experienced a slowdown.

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Tesco distribution center in elite company.

Tesco distribution center in SEGRO Logistics Park Poznan Komorniki awarded BREEAM certificate with the evaluation Very Good. Only six warehouse facilities in Poland can be proud of such a result.

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CTP network positively impacts job growth across CEE region.

According to the latest numbers, more than 53,000 people currently work in CTP’s industrial areas and office parks in the CEE region. In response to the increasing number of employees, the leading industrial real estate developer is focusing on improving both services and facilities in its CTPark developments.

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Panattoni Europe to build a warehouse for H&M in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Panattoni Europe will build another distribution centre for H&M, one of the world’s leading fashion companies.

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Developer's plans for next three years.

Waimea is going to build and commercialize over 200 thousands square meters of warehouses in Szczecin, Stargard, Bydgoszcz oraz Rzeszów.

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You Should Know Before Selecting a Warehouse

Warehouse definition

A warehouse, in general, is a place for storage of goods, or, in another aspect - the organization that carries out operations with commodities in the warehouse. It can either be a separate unit, or be a part of a company. Storing the goods, building orders, splitting shipments, if necessary - packaging, as well as selling the goods to wholesalers are being done at a warehouse. The classification of warehouses is very diverse. They are classified by different traits. By storing method: closed, open and half closed. In turn closed warehouses can be classified by the number of stores (multi-stores, surface and underground) and heat ability. Due to the tendency of saving space, construction of warehouses now tends to rise, warehouse location under the ground, the enlargement of aisles of the supporting structures (for storing large cargo). In the modern construction of warehouses structures out of light alloys are used. There are several other ways to categorize warehouses. For example, depending on the set of services (divided into classes from A to D), or by type of ownership (owned or leased), or by purpose (distribution, long-term storage, universal, specialized, commercial, industrial, etc.), or by storage mode (heated and not, cold storage, etc.). Nowadays big warehouses, providing the entire set of storage services that allow to minimize the expenses by rejecting owned warehouses, are becoming more popular. In such warehouses the following services are done: loading and unloading at special terminals, packaging and consolidation of the goods, separate storage of different types of products (bulk, liquid, requiring special storage conditions). Usually such warehouse complexes are equipped with modern facilities and access roads and railway lines.

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Why only certain companies have datasheet?

The companies which ordered the datasheet appearance for their warehouses are also appearing with their company datasheets on our portal. Those companies are also appearing who specifically ordered only the company datasheet appearance, for example in the category for real estate agencies, developers, facility managers, property managers, funds, etc.

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Who can post ad in the career menu?

Everybody can publish! Posting ads is free of charge.

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