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Prologis Park Poznań III is located at the heart of a region characterized by one of the highest consumption indices in Poland, an advantageous cost of labour and an environment th...

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Appetite for investment land in Poland

In 2016, interest in residential land remained high. Furthermore, land plots for retail parks, office buildings and hotels were also popular. Due to changes in the law, activity in the agricultural land sector has experienced a slowdown.

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Tesco distribution center in elite company.

Tesco distribution center in SEGRO Logistics Park Poznan Komorniki awarded BREEAM certificate with the evaluation Very Good. Only six warehouse facilities in Poland can be proud of such a result.

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CTP network positively impacts job growth across CEE region.

According to the latest numbers, more than 53,000 people currently work in CTP’s industrial areas and office parks in the CEE region. In response to the increasing number of employees, the leading industrial real estate developer is focusing on improving both services and facilities in its CTPark developments.

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You Should Know Before Selecting a Warehouse

What is the „Job offers” function?

Our portal helps you find your new colleague, to become part of the best work force! The ad appears to the ones who are searching an opportunity in the real estate market. Posting ads is free of charge.

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Why only certain warehouses have datasheet?

There is a monthly fee of being visibly seen on our portal, therefore only the warehouses who have paid this fee will appear and be able to use its advantages, meaning a quick and efficient warehouse renting experience for those who are paying for it.

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What is Lease transaction?

The lease transactions are indicated the in quarterly cycles. Posting transactions is free of charge, but registration is necessary! The transactions appear in the transaction menu of the portal, in the warehouse market information section as well as on the datasheet of the companies that are concerned with the relevant transaction.

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