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City Point is an inner city modern warehouse and distribution park designed for middle size tenants. It consists of both refurbished and new buildings. The target warehouse area is...

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Appetite for investment land in Poland

In 2016, interest in residential land remained high. Furthermore, land plots for retail parks, office buildings and hotels were also popular. Due to changes in the law, activity in the agricultural land sector has experienced a slowdown.

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Tesco distribution center in elite company.

Tesco distribution center in SEGRO Logistics Park Poznan Komorniki awarded BREEAM certificate with the evaluation Very Good. Only six warehouse facilities in Poland can be proud of such a result.

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CTP network positively impacts job growth across CEE region.

According to the latest numbers, more than 53,000 people currently work in CTP’s industrial areas and office parks in the CEE region. In response to the increasing number of employees, the leading industrial real estate developer is focusing on improving both services and facilities in its CTPark developments.

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Warehouse Rental Knowledge Base

You Should Know Before Selecting a Warehouse

BREEAM for industrial buildings

BREEAM for industrial buildings is an assessment method and a certification scheme that can be used at the design, construction, and refurbishment stages of a building’s lifecycle. The scheme can be used to assess one or a combination of the following types of industrial building: 1. Storage and distribution warehouses: (including cold food storage) 2. Light industrial/factory units e.g. manufacturing, assembly, packaging etc. and small 'starter' or 'nursery' units. 3. Workshops: e.g. manual workshops and vehicle workshops.

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Warehouse category C

Buildings, not meant for storage originally (usually former factories, haulage companies, or different hangars), or warehouses built during the last century. Usually these warehouses have a heating system and a ramp for unloading trucks. They need a lot of funds to move up in the classification, first of all to demote the old equipment, create the security system, equipping the spare gates, driveways, places for maneuvering heavy haulers. - Industrial facility or heat-insulated hangar - Ceilings height exceeding 4 m. - Floor - asphalt or concrete tile, uncoated concrete - Freight elevators for the multi-storey buildings (optional) - Gates (optional) - Parking and marshalling sites for the heavy-duty vehicles (optional) - Ventilation system (optional) - Heating system (optional) - Office premises (optional) - Fire alarm and automatic fire-fighting systems (optional) - Loading bay (optional) - Fenced, safety guarded area (optional) - Telecommunications (optional) - Personnel facilities (optional) - Railway spur (optional)

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What is Warehouse AdWords?

It is our self developed text advertising possibility on our portal network, which guarantees that the advertising of a warehouse, a supplier company or a real estate agency will reach their own target group.

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